Marriage Equality for Panama?

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Same-sex marriage could be coming to Panama if LGBTI activists win a legal fight with the Supreme Court of Justice.

Álvaro José López Levy is hoping for the Central American country’s highest court to agree to change the legal definition of marriage to include same-sex couples. Article 26 of the Family Code currently defines marriage as a ‘voluntary union between man and woman, who come together to make and share a life’. He believes this is unconstitutional.

Panama has no recognition of same-sex couples. In 2008 it became the last Spanish-speaking country in Latin America to abolish historic anti-sodomy laws. Levy’s petition hopes to declare parts of the sentences unconstitutional, the line ‘between man and woman’.

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Marriage Equality Coming to Taiwan?

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Taiwan may be the first place in Asia to have marriage equality should the Constitutional Court rule in favor of marriage equality in a case they are hearing today.

AFP reports:

A panel of 14 grand justices will hear a debate over a disputed law that critics say is unconstitutional because it prevents unions between gay couples.

Campaigners for change gathered with rainbow flags outside the court in Taipei, which was heavily guarded on Friday morning.

Two petitions for an interpretation of Taiwan’s Civil Code have been brought by veteran gay rights activist Chi Chia-wei and the Taipei city government, which has been receiving a growing number of requests to register gay marriages.

Lawyers for Chi, legal experts and government officials will take part in the court debate, with a ruling expected within two months.

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Osage Nation in Oklahoma Recognizes Marriage Equality

Osage Nation

An Oklahoma-based Native American tribe has voted to approve same-sex marriage. The Osage Nation tribe in northern Oklahoma voted on Monday in a special election to approve same-sex marriage.

As a Native American sovereign state, tribes are not affected by the 2015 Supreme Court ruling in favour of same-sex marriage. 52 percent of people in the special election voted to approve the change of definition of marriage to include same-sex couples.

The results of the election, published by Reuters, means the tribe’s judicial branch can issue marriage licences to same-sex couples.

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Majority of Northern Ireland Politicians Now Support Marriage Equality


There is now a majority in favour of legalising gay marriage in Northern Ireland. That’s the claim of a campaign group, who say most Northern Ireland Assembly members support the move.

Clare Moore, from the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, said: “A decisive majority of new MLAs (Members of the Legislative Assembly) to support marriage equality”, at a press conference in Belfast organised by the Love Equality coalition.

The Democratic Unionists Party (DUP), who have a staunch conservative wing, have blocked same-sex marriages in the region for some years. They used a mechanism called ‘petition of concern’ to stop the measure being debated.

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