Tips for Having a Smooth Same-Sex Wedding Ceremony on Wedding Reality Check

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Everybody always asks me what’s different about planning gay and lesbian weddings, versus one with one bride and one groom. The answer is that there isn’t really that much difference, it’s just important to make sure that you think through all the little parts and pieces that could be awkward if you try to handle them on the fly.

Tune in to Wedding Reality Check with Sandy Malone podcast HERE and learn what little details can be tricky to navigate if you don’t make decisions in advance. You don’t want to risk offending an important wedding VIP (like one of your moms) because you didn’t think through where and how to seat everybody. There are no rules for how you do it at a same-sex wedding, so if you don’t tell people what’s going on, they won’t know what to expect.

Have a listen and share the podcast with other same-sex couples who may be trying to avoid unnecessary potholes on their trip down the aisle.

Until next time, happy wedding planning from Sandy Malone Weddings & Events!


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  1. Your podcast and comment were so informative. Thinking about all the details that traditional wedding couples have compared to a same-sex wedding are important to keep in mind. Thanks for the advice!

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