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    Our Approach:
    Imagine this, it is your wedding day and all you want to worry about is getting to the alter and making sure your guests have an amazing time. Who wants to spend hours being herded around, having someone you barely know dictate the timeline of your wedding, worrying about what time it is and are you going to miss something important, when you could be spending those precious minutes with your family and those who came to celebrate your love. It’s your day, live in your moment!

    Our style is candid, authentic, sincere, and true to the feel of your wedding. If you love our style, please know we work best when we are allowed to let our creativeness flow. If you have browsed through our wedding work, I would estimate 95% of it is hands off and photojournalistic, and that is truly our style. We love to live in the moment, smile, laugh, and go with the flow.

    We are all about capturing a person's essence in a given moment: a glance, an expression, someone's countenance; that is our focus. We are dedicated to beautifully documenting your wedding day naturally as it unfolds. We will provide you with stunning images reminding you of just how you felt on your day; in that moment. We are skilled at finding authentic moments to keep your romantic story alive for generations to come.

    You will see from our photography, we like to shoot moody with sometimes lots of shadow. We will even go as far as to say our images have a bit of "attitude". Do we use flash? Yes, if it is warranted, but mostly we are available light photographers. We like to use the available (or some people call ambient) light that is around us. It is much more natural and flattering. If you like everything perfectly lit, bright and airy, we probably are not the photographers for you. We want you to be informed so you will be able to make the best decision. This is your day and you deserve a photographer that will share your vision and bring it to life.

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