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    I am absolutely thrilled to be alive at a time to witness the latest changes in marriage laws.

    I've been officiating same sex marriages since 1989, although the word "marriage" was not legally applicable for same-gender couples until recently. I believe that there is no difference between same-sex marriage ceremonies and straight marriage ceremonies. A marriage ceremony is a marriage ceremony.

    I believe that it is only a matter of time until same-sex marriage is legalized in every state throughout the country. Until such time that all couples in our country have equal access to the rights and benefits provided by legal marriage, I welcome you to North Carolina and will be incredibly honored to officiate your legal marriage ceremony. I will help you to acknowledge and celebrate your love for one another with a truly loving and authentic ceremony.

    Q: How do you create your same gender marriage ceremony?
    A: Exactly like you would any marriage ceremony.

    I understand that many same gender couples never dreamed they could marry, therefore, they simply do not know how to begin. Whether you choose to have an intimate and private ceremony for just the two of you, or invite hundreds of friends and family members to a celebration acknowledging your marriage, I'll be thrilled to take you through every step.

    It is essential that your ceremony illuminate the essence of your bond with each other to be reflected in every spoken word and ritual you choose.

    As your marriage officiant, I will help you create a ceremony to reflect your beliefs and traditions. I invite you to sit with me, that I may learn your personal story; collaborate with you to create your ceremony, review, rehearse and officiate on the big day

    You may borrow any and all marriage rituals and make them uniquely your own. You may wish to include: Wine Exchange, Sand Ceremony, Love Letter Box, Unity Candle, Inclusion of Children, Honoring Parents, Blending of Families, Hand Fasting, Readings, Vow/Ring Exchange, etc.

    Your ceremony will be a unique opportunity to create a profound and life-changing bond between you; establishing a sense of permanence and stability. It is a public declaration of life-long commitment, love and dedication between two people. (It's also a great opportunity to celebrate your love with a big party

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