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    Love and Spirit express through us without regard to gender. Celebrate your love in a commitment ceremony with family and friends. This experience encourages your community to support you throughout your lives together.

    You choose all words and rituals for a personalized, customized ceremony. I offer you a complimentary, no obligation session. Take this opportunity to have your relationship acknowledged in love and community.

    I welcome you and take heart in love in all forms., You are undertaking a major step in your lives with this ceremony. It is the application, the activation of all the words you have said to one another as you make vows and exchanges rings.

    Designing your own wedding ceremony with a master guide allows you to include many parts of yourself, your family, culture, religion, poetry and songs you love, and all things that have heart and meaning for you.

    You are invited to choose words that express your love for one another. This is the gift you receive as you create the ritual of love and promise that you are participating in with your beloved partner.

    Making a commitment with public vows is a very deep and spiritual experience. Love encourages you to celebrate the remarkable gift of having a partner to share your life with.

    There are gifts associated with the calling to unite. Love calls you to places where you must stretch yourself as Love asks you to consider each other in every moment. Love nurtures you by providing a depth and beauty to your daily lives. It is a blessing for your path together to create a wedding ritual.

    I am reminded of a reading that many people use near the final blessing:

    Go now to enter the days of your togetherness.
    And may your days be good and long upon this earth.
    Two times in your life you are truly wanted - When you are born; that is your right.
    And when you are married, that is a gift that you give to one another.
    David and John, may you encourage each other in whatever you set out to achieve.
    Together may you discover a love that gives you the courage to stand apart and the desire to stand together.
    And trusting one another, trust life and always welcome it.

    If you choose to marry during a time when your love is not recognized as legal in California and then same sex marriage becomes legal, I will arrange a meeting with you to perform a consent, vow and pronouncement so that I may sign a license for you.

    Here are some immediate blessings for you:

    May you be open and generous with your appreciation.
    May you be patient, understanding and compassionate.
    May you together be strong and resilient in the face of any challenge.

    If you're getting married in the San Francisco Bay Area, call or email me to set up your complimentary session.

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