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Weddings by Design<br>Provincetown, MA
Weddings by Design
Provincetown, MA
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Claire Watts, (JOP)<br>Provincetown, MA
Claire Watts, (JOP)
Provincetown, MA
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Mary Alice O'Connor<br>Walnut Creek, CA
Mary Alice O'Connor
Walnut Creek, CA
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Highlands Inn<br>Bethlehem, NH
Highlands Inn
Bethlehem, NH
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Joyful Wedding Ministers, Gay Owned Palm Springs Officiants Featured Vendor:
Joyful Wedding Ministers, Palm Springs, CA, USA

Gay Wedding Officiant - Palm Springs, California.
More Info

Ceremonies by Bethel, Gay Friendly San Diego Officiants Featured Vendor:
Ceremonies by Bethel, San Diego, CA, USA

Gay Friendly San Diego Wedding Officiant.
More Info

Colorado Commitments, Lesbian Owned Denver Officiants Featured Vendor:
Colorado Commitments, Denver, CO, USA

Lesbian Colorado Wedding Planner.
More Info

Carriage House at Rockwood Park, Gay Friendly Wilmington Event Location Featured Vendor:
Carriage House at Rockwood Park, Wilmington, DE, USA

Gay Friendly Wedding Venue in Wilmington, Delaware.
More Info

Nice Shot Films, Gay Owned Dallas Photography / Videography Featured Vendor:
Nice Shot Films, Dallas, TX, USA

Gay Dallas Wedding Photographer.
More Info

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About Purple Unions

Purple Unions is one of the only gay-owned wedding vendor directories, and we're the only major one to offer free vendor listings.

We're Mark and Scott - we met in 1992 and had our own gay wedding in 2008. We started Purple Unions in 2003, just as the marriage equality movement was taking off in the United States. We hoped to one day marry each other, and we wanted to create a gay friendly directory where gay and lesbian couples could plan their own wedding day with the help of supportive gay friendly wedding vendors of all types.

In 2008 we were finally married - and even though it rained throughout the ceremony, it was the perfect day.

If you're planning to marry your partner, congratulations! We wish you a beautiful, memorable day... More Details

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At Purple Unions, we take marriage equality seriously. As a gay couple who have been together since 1992, we know that gay and lesbian couples can and do form long-term, stable, supportive relationships, and we believe the institution of marriage and all the responsibilities and benefits that come with it should be opened up to committed gay and lesbian couples everywhere. To this end, we created Purple Unions as a place where gay and lesbian couples can find gay friendly wedding vendors to help them plan their perfect wedding day.

In the last several years, we have extended the mission of the site, donating a portion of the profits to groups fighting for gay marriage around the world, and adding our own blog to track the progress of equality efforts in the US and abroad. We now offer a comprehensive source for marriage equality and gay rights news, and with our latest site revision we're incorporating that news, along with local events, into our local area pages as well.

We hope that you find these resources useful, and that you'll join us in the fight for marriage equality!

--Scott & Mark, Purple Unions

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