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Purple Unions

When Mark and I started this LGBTQ+ wedding directory in 2003, it was a scary and exciting time for LGBTQ+ rights and marriage equality. Many states were banning weddings between same sex couples, but our allies stood up with us and welcomed us with open arms, including thousands of queer friendly officiants, photographers, wedding entertainers, and so many others who believed (and still do) that Love is Love, no matter what your gender.

When the US Supreme Court cleared the way for marriage equality across the entire United States, it was a moment of personal triumph. I still remember the high we felt that morning as the decision was announced, and we are so proud of the part we had in that victory – including our work on this site, our advocacy through the Gay Marriage Watch blog, and all the meetings and demonstrations we attended over a dozen years.

But it was also the end of, though it took us a few years to realize it. With the full legalization of marital unions between same sex couples, our mainstream competition soon opened their own LGBTQ+ wedding directories, and with their established reach into the market, we were unable to compete.

So it’s with fondness (and a touch of sadness) that we bid farewell to this labor of love. And to all the vendors and allies who helped make it happen, we send you love.

Mark & Scott

RIP 11.12.22