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Gay Marriage Laws in Kansas

Relationship Recognition: Constitutional Ban
Out of State Recognition: No
Adoption: Yes

If we know about any local marriage equality events, we'll list them here.

Gay Marriage News

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Gay Marriage News in Kansas

USA, Kansas: Gay Rights Activists Press Ahead After Victory

Mar 3rd, 2014

After having won a battle preventing an anti gay Right to Discriminate law from passing, LGBT activists are now pressing for legal protections in the state. LGBTQ Nation reports:

Having won a key legislative fight with social conservatives in Kansas, gay rights advocates aren't content with simply blocking a measure they said would have encouraged businesses and government workers to... read_more

USA, Kansas: Senate Republicans Block "Right to Discriminate" Bill

Feb 17th, 2014

The anti-gay marriage bill passed by the House that would have allowed anyone to discriminate against same sex couples has been stopped, for now. Gay Star News reports:

The bill was passed by the state House of Representatives but has now been blocked in the senate where Republicans hold a 32 to 8 majority. Senate Republicans said that allowing government... read_more

USA, Kansas: Senate Leader Says "Right to Discriminate" Bill Likely Won't Pass Senate

Feb 13th, 2014

The bill that passed the House to great fanfare, which would allow wedding vendors to discriminate against same sex couples without reprisal, may be DOA in the state Senate. Towleroad.com reports:

The Wichita Eagle reports on [President Susan] Wagle's email: "After an initial review, I've grown concerned about the practical impact of the bill," Wagle said in an e-mailed statement.... read_more

USA, Kansas: House Passes Bill to Allow Discrimination Against Gays

Feb 13th, 2014

The House in Kansas passed the "Right to Discriminate" bill yesterday that would allow businesses to legally discriminate against same sex couples. On Top Magazine reports:

Kansas State Rep. Charles Macheers' bill (HB 2453) cleared the House with a 72-49 vote. The measure would allow individuals, businesses and religious groups with "sincerely held religious beliefs" to refuse to provide services,... read_more

USA, Kansas: Right to Discriminate Bill Advances, Full House Vote Today

Feb 12th, 2014

A bill that would enshrine in state law the right to discriminate against same sex couples advanced yesterday in the House. CJ Online reports:

The legislation that was debated for about two hours in the GOP-led House was characterized by advocates as an essential shield from government sanctions for anyone refusing to violate sincerely held religious beliefs regarding same-sex marriage.... read_more

USA: More States Considering Allowing Christian Business Owners to Discriminate

Jan 27th, 2014

Following in the footsteps of a proposed law in Arizona, at least two more states are considering laws that would let business owners discriminate based on sexual orientation. LGBTQ Nation reports on Kansas:

With the legal climate uncertain for states banning gay marriage, Kansas lawmakers are considering a proposal designed to allow individuals, groups and businesses to refuse to recognize... read_more

USA, Kansas: Couple Refuses to Give Tip to Waiter Because He's Gay

Oct 25th, 2013

A gay waiter in Kansas got a lesson in homophobia from a couple who appreciate his service but didn't want to give him a tip because he's gay. Towleroad reports:

The man works at the Carrabba's Italian Grill near 107th Street and Metcalf Avenue. His mother also works as a hostess and she was very upset by what was written... read_more

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Some images from the slideshow above provided by Candace Freeland at Blue Pearl Images, used with permission

At Purple Unions, we take marriage equality seriously. As a gay couple who have been together since 1992, we know that gay and lesbian couples can and do form long-term, stable, supportive relationships, and we believe the institution of marriage and all the responsabilities and benefits that come with it should be opened up to committed gay and lesbian couples everywhere. To this end, we created Purple Unions as a place where gay and lesbian couples can find gay friendly wedding vendors to help them plan their perfect wedding day.

Kansas currently does not allow or recognize marriages between gay and lesbian couples, and the state has both a legal and constitutional ban on gay marriage, but the state does allow adoption by gay and lesbian couples.

We hope that you find these resources useful, and that you'll join us in the fight for marriage equality!

--Scott & Mark, Purple Unions