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Gay Friendly Arizona Wedding Vendors

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Celebrating Arizona
Marriage Equality!

Arizona wedding vendors, join us here
and get 4 years for the price of 1!

Note: Listings are ordered by vendor type, then by city.

The Forever Frame - Gay FriendlyMiscellaneous in Gilbert, AZ, USA

The Forever Frame
PO Box 2297, Gilbert, AZ, 85299, USA

Phone: 1 480 650-9634
Toll Free: 1 800 243-8243
Contact: Elaine Kendall

Serving: World wide
Purple Unions Disc: 10%, Mention PURPLE UNIONS

Gay Wedding Miscellaneous in Gilbert, AZ, USA. The Forever Frame is the only Unity Ceremony Shadow Box Sand Frame that prevents your sand design from mixing, lets you exchange the photo without disturbing the sand, add mementos and is perfect for travel.
USA, AZ, Gilbert - Gay Friendly

Rev. Sandra Cousins - Gay FriendlyOfficiants in Phoenix , AZ, USA

Rev. Sandra Cousins
1713 W Harmont Drive, Phoenix , AZ, 85021, USA

Phone: 1 602 870-8400
Fax: 1 602 354-4042
Contact: Sandra Cousins

Serving: Arizona
Purple Unions Disc: $5, Mention PURPLE UNIONS

Gay Wedding Officiants in Phoenix, AZ, USA. Fully ordained minister in the state of Arizona
USA, AZ, Phoenix - Gay Friendly

Sedona Destination Weddings - Gay FriendlyOfficiants in Sedona, AZ, USA

Sedona Destination Weddings
P.O. Box 4074, Sedona, AZ, 86340, USA

Phone: 1 928 282-0993
Contact: iala jaggs

Serving: Northern Arizona
Purple Unions Disc: No

Gay Wedding Officiants in Sedona, AZ, USA. An Unforgettable, Stress-free Wedding in Sedona. Looking for a stunning venue for your ceremony without a stunning price tag? Sedona Destination Weddings specializes in unforgettable and fully customizable wedding packages that are also stress-free, so you can be fully present and joy-filled on your special day. Call us with your questions and let us help you make your Sedona wedding unforgettable.
USA, AZ, Sedona - Gay Friendly

3 Oceans Entertainment - Gay FriendlyPhotography / Videography in Phoenix, AZ, USA

3 Oceans Entertainment
PO Box 3953, Phoenix, AZ, 85030, USA

Phone: 1 602 680-8889
Contact: Cameron Carpenter

Serving: Arizona
Purple Unions Disc: 5%, Mention PURPLE UNIONS

Gay Wedding Photography / Videography in Phoenix, AZ, USA. Affordable rates, moderate style, and comprehensive performance - AZ DJ Photo Video services from an award winning, family owned and operated Wedding and Event service provider based in Phoenix Arizona. 3 Oceans Entertainment - experienced, affordable, friendly, and fun!
USA, AZ, Phoenix - Gay Friendly

Annie Gerber Photographer - Gay FriendlyPhotography / Videography in Mesa, AZ, USA

Annie Gerber Photographer
5200 East University, Mesa, AZ, 85205, USA

Phone: 1 602 686-9462
Contact: Annie Gerber

Serving: AZ, Maui
Purple Unions Disc: 10%, Mention PURPLE UNIONS, excl travel fees

Gay Wedding Photography / Videography in Phoenix, AZ, USA. I'd love to capture the true connection and honest emotion of your special day, creating images you'll hold dear forever. Available for travel worldwide.
USA, AZ, Phoenix - Gay Friendly

Restoring Memories Photography - Gay FriendlyPhotography / Videography in Tucson, AZ, USA

Restoring Memories Photography
110 South Church Ave, Ste 7185, Tucson, AZ, 85701, USA

Phone: 1 520 256-6800
Contact: Stacy Daugherty

Serving: Southern Arizona
Purple Unions Disc: 10%, Mention PURPLE UNIONS

Gay Wedding Photography / Videography in Tucson, AZ, USA. Offering over 20 years experience with a true love of Love! I absolutely love photographing weddings and would be honored to capture the love that you share together. Traditional and photojournalistic styles are mixed to give you the variety that you crave for your photographs. Custom designed coffee table books and retouch are available.
USA, AZ, Tucson - Gay Friendly

As a gay couple together since 1992, we believe that marriage and all the responsibilities and benefits that come with it should be available to committed gay and lesbian couples everywhere. So we created Purple Unions, a place where gay and lesbian couples can find gay friendly wedding vendors to help them plan their perfect wedding day.

Arizona added a constitutional ban against gay marriage to the state constitution in 2008, which was struck down by a Federal Judge on 10/17/14. The state also allows adoption by gay and lesbian couples.

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Gay Marriage Laws in Arizona

Relationship Recognition: Full Marriage Equality
Out of State Recognition: Yes
Adoption: Yes

If we know about any local marriage equality events, we'll list them here.

Gay Marriage News

Gay Marriage News in Arizona

Marriage Equality Comes to Arizona

Oct 17th, 2014

Another day, another marriage equality state. This time it's Arizona, where a Federal judge just struck down the states ban with no stay. Towleroad.com reports:

U.S. District Judge John Sedwick (a George H.W. Bush appointee) has struck down Arizona's ban on gay marriage, declaring it "unconstitutional by virtue of the fact that they deny same-sex couples the equal protection of... read_more

Arizona AG Concedes That 9th Circuit Ruling Applies, Awaits Mandate

Oct 17th, 2014

Things are moving along for marriage equality in Arizona. Republican Atty. Gen. Tom Horne just conceded that the recent Ninth Circuit rulings in Nevada and Idaho apply to Arizona. AZ Central reports:

In legal documents filed Thursday, Republican Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne wrote that he believes a recent appeals-court ruling striking down similar marriage bans in other states applies... read_more

Federal Judge Requires Arizona to Recognize Same-Sex Marriage On Death Certificate

Sep 13th, 2014

A man who lost his partner recently has just won the right to have himself listed as spouse on the death certificate. AZCentral reports:

A federal judge has issued an emergency order requiring Arizona to recognize the California marriage of Green Valley couple Fred McQuire and George Martinez. Fred McQuire has found a little peace, maybe the first he's had... read_more

Arizona Marriage Equality Ruling Could Come at Any Time

Jul 28th, 2014

The ruling in an Arizona marriage equality case could come down at any time. AZ Central reports:

The future of marriage for same-sex couples in Arizona rests in a judge's hands, with a decision possible anytime... The pending ruling in Connolly vs. Roche, the first of two Arizona lawsuits challenging the state's definition of marriage as only between one man... read_more

USA, Arizona: Plaintiffs in One Marriage Equality Lawsuit Oppose Consolidation

Apr 3rd, 2014

There are two lawsuits for marriage equality in Arizona, and both may be consolidated into one. Or not. Edge Boston reports:

A motion filed last week in federal court in one of the cases said they should be consolidated. It said the cases involve the same legal issues and that consolidation would save time and effort. However, a response... read_more

USA, Arizona: Plaintiffs Ask for Marriage Equality Cases to Be Merged

Mar 25th, 2014

Two separate marriage equality lawsuits in Arizona may be merged into one. LGBTQ Nation reports:

Lawyers for plaintiffs in one of two pending lawsuits challenging Arizona's ban on same-sex marriage are asking a federal court to combine the suits into one case. A motion filed Monday in U.S. District Court says the cases should be consolidated because they involve the... read_more

USA, Arizona: Lambda Legal Files Marriage Equality Lawsuit

Mar 14th, 2014

Lambda Legal also filed a second lawsuit for marriage equality in Arizona. LGBTQ Nation reports:

Lambda Legal announced Thursday it has filed a federal lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for Arizona on behalf of seven same-sex couples and the surviving spouses of two additional same-sex couples challenging the state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. In the lawsuit filed Wednesday,... read_more

USA, Arizona: 45% Support Marriage Equality, 32% More Support Civil Unions

Mar 5th, 2014

77% of Arizonans support either civil unions or marriage equality in Arizona. The Arizona Daily Star reports:

Three out of four Arizonans support the right of gays to at least form civil unions, if not to wed outright. A new statewide survey finds 45 percent of the 870 voters surveyed in the last week find nothing wrong with gays to... read_more

USA, Arizona: Here We Go Again

Mar 1st, 2014

There's another bill brewing in Arizona that would allow some public employees to refuse to perform weddings for same sex couples. Towleroad.com reports:

House Bill 2481, which has advanced on mostly party-line committee votes and is awaiting a debate by the full House of Representatives, would prevent government from requiring ordained clergy and judges to "solemnize a marriage that is... read_more

USA, Arizona: Governor Brewer Says She Vetoed "Right to Discriminate" Bill

Feb 26th, 2014

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer just held a press conference to discuss the "Right to Discriminate" bill. Brewer says "I call them like I see them despite the boos or tears from the crowd." She referenced surveys and opinions that Arizona is a good state for business, and registered her disappointment that this bill was the most important thing the legislature wanted to... read_more

USA, Arizona: More Companies, Politicians Oppose Right to Discriminate Bill

Feb 25th, 2014

The voices for a "no" vote on Arizona's "Right to Discriminate" bill continue to pile up. Here's Newt Gingrich, via Joe.My.God:

Tonight on CNN, Newt Gingrich invited viewers to give their opinion on Arizona's hate bill by tweeting either "sign" or "veto" using the Crossfire hashtag. After reporting that 88% of the CNN audience had tweeted "veto", Gingrich himself did... read_more

USA, Arizona: More Pressure on Governor Brewer

Feb 25th, 2014

The pressure continues to build from both sides on the Right to Discriminate bill on Governor Jan Brewer's desk. Apple computer suggested there would be consequences if Arizona presses ahead with the bill. Towleroad.com reports:

Earlier today we reported that the Arizona Chamber of Commerce was leading a call for Governor Jan Brewer to veto SB 1062, the heinous bill that... read_more

USA, Arizona: Will She or Won't She?

Feb 24th, 2014

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has the reputation of the entire state of Arizona in her hands. Will she or won't she sign the Right to Discriminate bill? Gay Star News reports:

'You know, the bill is in transmittal and I don't have to make a decision until next Friday so I've got plenty of time,' Jan Brewer said, on... read_more

USA, Arizona: Pressure Mounting on Governor Jan Brewer

Feb 23rd, 2014

As the deadline approaches for Arizona's Governor to sign or veto the "Right to Discriminate" bill, pressure is mounting. In Phoenix and Tucson, protests were held against the bill. Towleroad.com reports:

Major protests took place this evening in Phoenix and Tucson in opposition to the bill passed by the Arizona legislature that would allow businesses to discriminate against gays and lesbians... read_more

USA, Arizona: Governor Brewer Waffles on "Right to Discriminate" Bill

Feb 22nd, 2014

Will she sign it, or won't she? Governor Jan Brewer is sending mixed signals about the fate of the "right to discriminate" bill passed by the AZ legislature this last week. CNN reports:

The bill, which the state House of Representatives passed by a 33-27 vote Thursday, now goes to Gov. Jan Brewer, a Republican and onetime small business... read_more

USA, Arizona: GOP's "Right to Discriminate" Bill Lands on Governor Brewer's Desk

Feb 21st, 2014

A bill that would throw open the doors for anyone to discriminate against, well, basically anyone by claiming religious beliefs landed with a thud on Governor Jan Brewer's desk. The Advocate reports:

The bill passed 33-27, largely along party lines, though three House Republicans opposed the legislation. The measure would give legal protection to businesses and individuals that deny... read_more

USA, Arizona: Senate Passes "Right to Discriminate" Bill

Feb 20th, 2014

Unlike their peers in Kansas, Tennessee, and South Dakota, the AZ legislature is pressing ahead with a vll to enshrine the right to discriminate against just about anyone in the law. Towleroad.com reports:

Arizona's Senate has voted 17-13 to approve a bill allowing businesses to refuse service to gays based on religious beliefs, the Arizona Daily Star reports:... read_more

USA, Arizona: Senate Committee Approves Bill to Allow Businesses to Discriminate Against Gays

Jan 23rd, 2014

A bill that would let businesses discriminate against, well, basically anyone by claiming religious beliefs passed a state Senate committee yesterday. Dot429 reports:

The bill would allow businesses to refuse service for religious reasons, effectively giving them a "license to discriminate." Yarborough has said that he introduced the bill because a "modest clarification" was needed in Arizona's religious freedom... read_more

USA, Arizona: GOP Representative Proposes Bill To Legalize Discrimination

Jan 17th, 2014

Arizona Representatives Steve Yarbrough is proposing a new bill that would make it legal for individuals and corporations to discriminate against gays and lesbians based on their religious beliefs. Dot 429 reports:

Yarbrough pointed out that the bill, which has been proposed in the past, wouldn't just permit LGBT discrimination but would allow for religion to protect the individual to... read_more

USA, Arizona: State Gets Its Own Marriage Equality Lawsuit

Jan 7th, 2014

With neighboring New Mexico, Arizona, and (for a short while) Utah all allowing marriage equality, Arizona is feeling the pressure. Edge Boston reports:

Four couples have filed a class-action lawsuit seeking to make same-sex marriage legal in Arizona. The suit filed Monday claims a voter-approved ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional. It seeks to allow same-sex couples to be married... read_more

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