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Add a Wedding Vendor Listing - Just $99 for 12 Months!

Purple Unions offers attractive listings for wedding vendors on the Purple Unions site. Other directories charge almost $200 a year for similar listings! At Purple Unions, we charge just $99 for set-up for a basic listing, and $165 for set-up for a full page Expanded Listing, with 12 months hosting included - see below for details.

Note: If you want to enter a CHANGE to an existing listing: click here for the proper form. To add a new listing, scroll down this page to the new listing form Step One, below.

Basic Listing: Just $99 for Set-Up (with 12 months hosting)

Our listings offer more info than anyone else in this category - from full contact info (address, phone, fax, toll free, email and website) to a picture to showcase your goods and services. And a portion of every order will be given to groups fighting for gay marriage.

In addition to our easy to use map-based directory, our database format allows us to offer full searchability for our listings - something none of the other gay wedding sites offer, making it easier for folks to find your listing no matter where you are.

Here's a sample of the basic listing:

We Also Offer Full Page Expanded Listings:
Just $165 for set-up (w/12 Months Hosting)

You can get full page listings on a number of sites, but no one offers our combination of a great price with the extensive search engine and directory submission we do. These listings are just $165, with 12 months hosting included.

Your basic listing will link to your full page Expanded Listing.

Expanded Listings include all of the following features:

  • 5 pictures of your wedding services (subject to approval by PURPLE UNIONS)
  • 500 words of text to tell folks all about your place
  • A reservation request form
  • Ranking in the top section of your vendor type on your area page on the Purple Unions Directory (if there are several Expanded Listings in the same city, those listings will be ranked randoml)
  • Submission as a "stand-alone" page to a number of mainstream and gay/lesbian search engines and directories.
  • Links to your Facebook/Twitter pages from your full-page Expanded Listing

All For A Great Low Price:

We're building our business for the long-term, not to make a fast and dirty profit. So we're keeping our prices low - the more wedding vendors we can include in the directory, the better for our visitors.

So the total cost for all this is just $165, which covers the time it takes us to create your Expanded Listing. And we'll host your Expanded Listing on PURPLE UNIONS FREE for the first 12 months!

Our Expanded Listings have a clean, easy-to-use design - check out the picture at right or click here to see one on the site.

Add-On: Featured Placement Upgrade - Just $350 (w/12 Months Hosting)

We also offer our top-of-the-page Featured Placement upgrade - unlike just theExpanded Listing, which puts you at the top section of your city (sharing that section with other Expanded Listing accommodations), the Featured Placement add-on puts you at the top of your own area page, regardless of which city you are in. You'll also come up first in your state or region in searches using the site's vendor search option. This add-on is an additional $350 for 12 months.

We only allow two spaces per destination page, sold on a first-come, first-served basis. These listings also include a rotating banner ad on the home page. The first listing order received for each page will occupy the top spot on the page; the second will be just below it, but will become the top listing in the event that the top listing expires. If one of the spaces is not available, we will process your order at the Expanded Listing level instead (minus the Featured Placement cost).

Want to list in two or more categories?

Email us at info@purpleunions.com, and we'll tell you how!

Add Your Listing: Step One, Enter Your Listing Information

Full out the the form below. Once you fill out this form and click on the submission button, you will be taken to step 3, our payment page. Payment covers the cost of set-up for this listing - hosting for the first 12 months is included at no extra charge.

A note about ranking in the directory: all listings are ranked first by country, then state, then type and city. Within city, listings are sorted by with pictures are listed first, then listings without - and within these categories, listings are ranked randomly, and the sort order changes regularly to give everyone equal exposure. Listings are not ranked by company name. Listings are not transferable. Listing will be posted within 14 business days from the date all the necessary materials have been received. Please review our policies.

Add My New Listing to Purple Unions
Type of Listing (required):

Choose one. For two or more categories, fill out this form and payment once for each category.




Event Location (single location only)


Food & Beverage

Gifts & Registries


Honeymoon Lodging (single location only)

Honeymoon Travel (travel agents, tour operators, vacation rental services))


Officiants (single officiant name only)







Company Name (required):
Full Company Street Address (no cross streets) (required):
City (required):

US/Canada, please use abbreviation

Zip/Postal Code:

US, please enter 5 digit code only

Country (required):

US, please enter as USA

Prefered City, State/Province, Country

Event and Honeymoon Locations Skip This Item.

All others: What city (and state and country) should you be listed under? Can be your own city, or your nearest major city, etc - where you think your clientele would be most likely to find you. (NOTE: use care in answering...this will be your preferred location for the duration of this ad which is not transferrable. Be sure to select only ONE city - not an area or a region - we reserve the right to edit as necessary).

Phone (required):

USA/Canada please enter as 1 ### ###-####

Toll Free:
Contact (required):

Name only, no titles

Email (required):

Subject to approval. Websites that don't represent the company as listed will not be posted

Is Your Business (response required):

Gay Owned

Lesbian Owned

Bisexual Owned

Transgender Owned

Gay Friendly

Description (required):

Up to 75 words. General description only, not rates/offers, etc, in sentence case (no web/email addresses or other links). Will be edited as necessary.

Purple Unions Year-Round Discount (response required):

Do you want to offer a discount to folks who find you through our site?













No Purple Unions Discount

Any limitations to this offer?

If not, leave blank. Must Be YEAR-ROUND, 8 words or less - note, all discount offers will automatically say "Mention PURPLE UNIONS".

What region do you serve (required):

Max 3 words. Must be within your state/province (edited as necessary).

Hours of Operation:

If applicable; otherwise leave blank; enter as M-F 10-5, S 10-6, S 10-4, or if hours are same daily, 10-5

Any Comments?

Will not be included as part of your listing

Your Pictures

Basic listings get 1 "thumbnail" sized picture; Expanded Listings get five larger pictures. Picture is subject to approval by PURPLE UNIONS. (note: take care in selecting pictures as picture changes are $20 each).

Once your order is received, Mark will contact you for your photos and other materials.

Please only send us photos for which you yourself have the rights. Photos from other sources may be covered by copyright protections, and while our site is protected by the safe harbor provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, you are not. So play it safe and only use your own photos or those for which you have clear rights.

Adding the Full Page Expanded Listing?

If you plan to choose the $165 full page Expanded Listing option, please paste in up to 500 words about your services here for us to use on the listing (general description only...don't include specifics such as rates, special offers, etc....we'll edit as necessary). This text should be unique - it should not appear on any other website - so it will rank better for search engine purposes - and should also contain important keywords, worked into the text, that folks might search for your business under (ie: we specialize in gay Hawaiian weddings).

If you are adding a basic $99 listing, skip this step.

How did you find us?

Email Invite

Link from Purple Roofs

Search Engine


Clicking "Submit Your Listing" will add your listing to our queue for processing. You will then be taken to our payment page - please enter your payment information there. After filling out that form, you will be taken to our secure server to enter your credit card information. All sales are final and non-refundable/non-transferable.

By submitting this listing to PURPLE UNIONS I confirm that I have full commercial rights to any/all photographs sent to PURPLE UNIONS or pulled from my provided website address (as stated in the form above) to use for this PURPLE UNIONS listing.

If you have any questions about this order or this process, please contact us at info@purpleunions.com. Terms and policies subject to change without notice.

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